Helpful Hints - Physician Licensure

  1. All physician applicants for full licensure in Louisiana are required to submit their background credentials to the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS). The FCVS application can be found here.

  2. Submit your application to FCVS and LSBME at least 4 months in advance of your planned start up. More time is better since there are sometimes unexpected delays in the process for one reason or another.

  3. The most significant cause of delay in the FVCS process is untimely submission of documents by the applicant (you) followed by untimely receipt of verification from (your) training programs.

  4. A second cause of delay in the FCVS process is missing or incomplete information. All fields in the application must be filled out accurately and completely (Do not guess at any information). The name on the application (your name) must match the name on your birth certificate including middle name if any. If not, you much submit a name change form with the application.

  5. Consider sending everything to everybody by Express Mail so you have a means of tracking.

  6. Be sure to keep a copy of everything you submit as well as tracking documents and give a copy to any support staff who may be assisting you (see below)

  7. Contact us to obtain a finger print packet as soon as you decide to seek licensure in LA. DO NOT WAIT as this is the most time consuming part of the LSBME application. As soon as you receive forms for fingerprinting, we suggest you contact a state police office or an FBI office to find the best place to have your fingerprints made. You want the clearest, most easily read fingerprints possible. A request for a second (or third) set of fingerprints by the FBI is not uncommon and may lead to significant delays. More information is available here

  8. Take advantage of the FCVS web site to track the status of the FCVS portion of your application.

  9. Stay in contact with your analyst at LSBME to track the status of your LSBME application.

  10. Consider giving your present or future support staff access to your FCVS file so they can track the status of your application. They will need your user name and password.

  11. Consider giving your present or future support staff permission to contact LSBME staff for the purpose of tracking the LSBME portion of your application. The release must be received before any information will be released to anyone other than you. An authorization to release information form is available here.

  12. Wait until you have your Louisiana License before submitting an application for a Louisiana Controlled and Dangerous Substance (CDS) license

  13. Applications for your Louisiana Controlled and Dangerous Substance (CDS) license maybe downloaded here. Be sure to include the requested fee. Submit a $20 money order rather than a personal check. CDS numbers are usually available within one week on line

  14. Once you have both an LSBME license and a CDS number you can go online and request a DEA number here. Use a credit card. DEA numbers are usually available within one week on line