Application & Instructions for Initial Licensure - Internship Registration

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The items listed below MUST be completed and mailed to the LSBME as part of the initial application process.

Criminal Background Check:

Like many states, the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME) conducts a criminal background check as part of the application process.

Applicants, who have been arrested, charged, convicted or pled guilty or nolo contendere to violation of a federal or State statute should be prepared to address the matter with the LSBME.  Applicants must submit the two (2) cards, issued by the LSBME, with their fingerprints imprinted on the cards.  The cards are forwarded by the LSBME to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DOC) and to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).  Generally, the background check is not complete and the report is not forwarded to the LSBME until approximately 60 days after the DOC and FBI have received the fingerprint cards.

The LSBME may conduct further investigation, as it deems necessary.

Materials can be obtained on our website by clicking on Licensure then on the Criminal Background Check link. Applicants with criminal history may expect delays in the application process.

Mail: LSBME, Attn: CBC, 630 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 
Phone: (504) 568-6820

Applicants with Criminal Histories, including pending matters, may expect delays.

Common Causes for Delay; Preparation for Application:

Below is a list of common causes for delay.  Applicants should carefully review the instructions and application on the LSBME website to be sure that they have gathered all necessary documents timely.

Notarized Birth Certificate.  Contact Vital Records in Louisiana or applicable State if you do not have a birth certificate.  Part I. General Instructions for physicians include the website address for Louisiana Vital Records in the section which addresses birth certificates.  The Louisiana Vital Records website includes links to Vital Records websites for other States.  Note: The birth certificate must bear the seal of the issuing agency.

Diploma.  The medical schools at Louisiana State University—New Orleans and Louisiana State University—Shreveport copy the diploma of each student who participates in a Louisiana Match Program and forwards a certified copy of the diploma to the LSBME.  Graduates of Tulane University Medical School and other medical schools should either make arrangements for their medical school to copy, certify and forward the certified copy of the diploma to the LSBME OR bring the original diploma along with a copy for reviewing & verification by LSBME staff to the LSBME office.  The LSBME will not accept a certified copy of the medical school diploma from the applicant.

Verification of License in Other States - Verification of all state licenses are required.  Contact the state board(s) directly to obtain verification of your license.  Please note, there may be a processing fee needed.​

Other Information

Verification of Application/Licensure Status - Visit our website at and log on to your account to verify the progress/status of your application.

Communication with the Board
Mailing Address - LSBME, 630 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
Questions - Contact our licensing department at To find the analyst directly assigned to your application, click on Contact Us.


Fee must be paid via credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover only) if applying online.

Fee must be paid via Personal check/money order if sending in a paper application.
​Fee is non-refundable.

Licensure- $50.00


  • For up to 12 months

  • Issued to graduates of medical school

  • For first year internship

  • Initial Fee $50

  • Renewal Fee $100


  • For up to 12 months

  • Issued to graduates of a medical school

  • Can be issued to graduates of a medical school who have not taken and/or passed USMLE Step 3

  • If applicant has not previously received LSBME-issued PGY1 permit (i.e. applicant from out-of-state moving to Louisiana and applying for PGY2 permit) applicant must complete a licensure application and provide letter from PGY2 Program Director

  • Initial Fee $100

  • Renewal Fee $100


  • Recent photograph attached to Certificate of Dean/Registrar.

  • Original and 8½" X 11" photocopy of diploma M.D./D.O. from approved school located in U.S., including Puerto Rico, or Canada.  No substitute accepted.

  • See discussion of birth certificates and passports herein.

  • Criminal Background Check Materials



USMLE packets are different from LSBME licensure application packets.  USMLE Step 3 applications are available from the Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc. (FSMB).  Do not contact the LSBME for applications for USMLE packets.  Applications for the USMLE Step 3 are available to the applicant by contacting the FSMB.  See “About the Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc.” herein and the FSMB website at Failure to appear for a scheduled USMLE Step 3 examination will result in an automatic failure as set forth by the LSBME.

The Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc. (FSMB) provides that USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 do not have to be taken in a specific order.  An applicant can register for both simultaneously and take both tests within days of each other.  Step 3 has the following USMLE pre-requisites:

  • M.D. degree (or equivalent) or D.O. degree;

  • Pass USMLE Step 1 and Step 2;

  • If International Medical School Graduate (IMG), must be ECFMG certified; and

  • Meet conditions required by the LSBME

The applicant who has failed a step of the USMLE must wait 60 days from the date of the previous sitting to retake that step.  There is a limit of 3 attempts to pass a Step in a 12-month period.  For further and/or new and/or additional information regarding the USMLE, contact the FSMB at

Applicant Who Does Not Take and Pass USMLE Step 3

The applicant who does not take and pass the USMLE Step 3 may apply for a PGY2 permit for up to 12 months.  This has the effect of providing applicants with a 24-month period during the PGY1 and PGY2 years to take and pass the USMLE Step 3. The applicant who has not taken and passed the USMLE Step 3 prior to the expiration of the PGY1 or PGY2 permit may not be licensed by the LSBME until such time that the applicant has taken and passed the USMLE Step 3.  The LSBME does not issue a PGY3 permit in these cases.  As such, there is generally no permit or license issued and immediately available to the applicant who has not taken and passed the USMLE Step 3 when the PGY2 permit expires.

Four Strikes and You’re Out (applies to USMLE Steps 2 and 3)

Applicants are limited to 4 attempts to take and pass the USMLE Step 2.  Applicants are limited to 4 attempts to take and pass the USLME Step 3.  An applicant who fails USMLE Step 3 after the third attempt must take 6 months of approved training before permitted to take Step 3 for the fourth and final time.  This applies to all examinations (FLEX, SPEX, NBME, NBOME, COMLEX-USA, or a combination thereof).

Examination And Board Action History Report (EBAHR)

Applicants who are required to take the USMLE must complete the Examination and Board Action History Report (EBAHR) form and arrange to have scores forwarded to the LSBME.  EBAHR forms are available by contacting the FSMB at the following address:

Federation of State Medical Boards, Inc. (FSMB)

400 Fuller Wiser Road, Suite 300

Euless, Texas 76039-3855

Phone: (817) 868-4000

Web site:

About Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS)

Applicants for licensure who are in the process of seeking employment and/or applicants for licensure/certification by multiple states and/or multiple entities (i.e. hospitals, insurance companies) that require primary source verification, applicants may consider applying with the Federation of State Medical Boards Credentials Verification Service (FCVS).  The FCVS at states: The FCVS provides a centralized, uniform process for state medical boards as well as private and governmental entities to obtain a verified, primary source record of a physician’s core medical credentials. This service is designed to lighten the workload of credentialing staff and reduce duplication of effort by gathering, verifying and permanently storing a physician's credentials in a centralized repository.   FCVS obtains primary source verification of medical education, postgraduate training, licensure examination history, board action history and identity. This repository of information allows a physician to establish a confidential, lifetime professional portfolio that can be forwarded at the physician's request to any interested party, including, but not limited to: state medical boards, hospitals, managed care plans and professional societies.

For more information about the FCVS process, contact the FCVS toll-free at 1-888-ASK-FCVS (1-888-275-3287) or visit the website at