Application & Instructions for Initial Licensure - Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

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The items listed below MUST be completed and mailed to the LSBME as part of the initial application process.

A.   To be eligible for certification as an Acupuncturist Detoxification Specialist, an applicant:

  1. Shall be at least 21 years of age;

  2. Shall be of good moral character;

  3. Shall have successfully completed a four-year course of instruction in a high school or its equivalent;

  4. Shall be a citizen of the United States or possess valid and current legal authority to reside and work in the United States duly issued by the commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the United States under and pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act and the commissioner's regulations;

  5. Shall have:

  • successfully completed NADA training by a registered NADA trainer; and

  • current certification by the NADA

  • Shall affirm that he or she shall only provide acu detox under the general supervision of a physician or licensed acupuncturist.

B.   The burden of satisfying the board as to the qualifications and eligibility of the applicant acupuncture detoxification specialist, proposed supervising physician or proposed supervising licensed acupuncturist assistant shall be upon the applicant, proposed supervising physician or proposed supervising licensed acupuncturist, who shall demonstrate and evidence such qualifications in the manner prescribed by, and to the satisfaction of, the Board.

Checklist- submit the following in one packet

  1. Original or certified copy of high school diploma.

  2. NADA certificate

  3. Criminal Background Check Materials (see below)

  4. A detailed description of the proposed supervising PHYS/AcA’s professional background and specialty, if any; the nature and scope of his practice; the geographic and demographic characteristics of his practice

  5. A description of the proposed supervising PHYS/AcA’s knowledge of and prior training or experience, if any, in traditional Chinese acupuncture

  6. A description of the specific activities to be performed by the applicant, the way in which the applicant will be utilized as an acupuncture detoxification specialist, and the methods to be used by the proposed supervising PHYS/ACA to insure responsible direction and control of the activities of the applicant as an acupuncture detoxification specialist.

  7. See discussion of birth certificates and passports herein.

  8. Criminal Background Check Materials.

General Information

The state of Louisiana does criminal background checks as part of the application process through the state -Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections-DOC and Federal Bureau of Investigations-FBI.  Materials for this purpose can be obtained by writing to:

Mail: LSBME, Attn: CBC, 630 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 
Phone: (504) 568-6820

Applicants with criminal history may expect delays in the application process.

Notarized Birth Certificate - The applicant must submit a notarized birth certificate or an original passport (expired passports are acceptable).  The notarized birth certificate becomes a permanent part of the applicant’s file and is not returned.  If the applicant submits a passport, the applicant must include a written explanation of the reason the birth certificate is not available.

Valid Visa - Applicants who are not native-born citizens of the United States must show proof of legal entry into the United States to work and reside by presenting either:

  • An original certificate of Naturalization

  • Certified birth certificate establishing birth to U.S. citizens traveling abroad

  • Valid Visa issued by the department of Immigration and Naturalization (INS).(Acceptable visas – J-1, H-1B, Immigrant)

Other Information

Verification of Application/Licensure Status - Visit our website and log on to your account to verify the progress/status of your application.

Communication with the Board
Mailing Address - LSBME, 630 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
Questions - Contact our licensing department at To find the analyst directly assigned to your application, click on Contact Us.