Death Certificates


Louisiana law provides that the last physician to attend a decedent within 10 days of death must complete and execute a death certificate within 24 hours of death.[1] A physician who willfully and knowingly neglects or refuses to complete and sign a death certificate within the time allotted by law may be subject to criminal prosecution, incarceration and civil fines.[2] Equally significant, the Board may consider such a failure to constitute professional incompetency or unprofessional conduct, providing grounds for disciplinary action against  a physician’s license.[3]

Not only do the penalties of the Louisiana Medical Practice Act apply, but the Vital Records penalties also apply. The completion and/or execution of a legal document, such as a death certificate, by one other than the physician whose name is signed to the document is an unlawful activity which subjects an offender to civil penalties and/or criminal prosecution by a district attorney or Louisiana Attorney General for a felony or misdemeanor. [4] Similarly, a physician or coroner who willfully and knowingly neglects or refuses to complete and sign a death certificate within the time allotted by law, is also subject to criminal and civil fines. [5]

Delays resulting from inaccuracies, completion and execution of death certificates can have a devastating impact on the families of the deceased, both emotionally and financially. Please be sensitive to the needs of the families.

Electronic Death Registration (LEERS) – The state requires that all death certificates are entered into this system, either by physicians or funeral homes.  Currently 90% of all death certificates that physicians sign are done so electronically.  To obtain more information or to gain entry into the system, go to

Using the above link, a physician who is registered in the system is able to digitally sign a death certificate instantly from anywhere with an internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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